Wolkat is an international group of seven innovative textile recycling companies. Together we control the total textile recycling chain. At Wolkat we collect, sort, recycle and re-develop textile. Because of our circular process, we can fully relieve customers in ​​recycling.


Since 2014 Wolkat is the proud owner of a durable circular textile recycling model. By recreating new products from old materials, we happily contribute to a cleaner world while trying to set an example to the heavily polluted textile industry. Obviously, we did not invent our circular process in a split second. No, it took years of research and trail-and-errors.

Recycling in the textile industry is necessary. Did you know that the Dutchies discard around 200 million kilos of textiles per year? What a waste! And a large portion is actually extremely suitable for re-use. Gratefully, at Wolkat we process more than 25 million kilos of textiles per year. Yup, we gave birth to a lot of new life for over four decades.

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Business Development

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